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Venture Capitalists Bring Biotechnology to the Marketplace

Biotechnology is technology that uses living organisms to modify processes. Biotechnology has loads of uses in agriculture and genetic engineering techniques. Because venture capitalists backed the study and invention of biotechnological technology and advancements, scientists were able to craft genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and enhanced plants.

The Role of Venture Capitalists

Venture capitalists are individuals or groups that are invest in startup companies and ventures that they deem useful to human society (or least, the company will be profitable). For example, since the world is facing a number of health-related problems, venture capitalists are investing in firms that look into health solutions and medicines.

Instead of the endless supplement companies that offer cheap weightlifting supplements online, these companies promise to revolutionize health, and the health-care industry, with their breakthrough technologies or services.

By investing in research firms, venture capitalists play a hand in the development of everyday solutions. Their backing helps various companies amass enough funds and equipment to make breakthroughs in the scientific world. As the biotechnology industry used to be new and exciting, venture capitalists invested in many firms that studied this industry.  Here is how that used to work.

As a result, today, we have various GMO plants that we consume and benefit from. While GMOs have the reputation of being unhealthy and cancerous, this does not apply to all GMOs. The reason why GMOs were made was to answer the problem of overpopulation—and it did. GMOs such as jasmine rice, golden rice, and other grains retain their healthiness while also helping the food production industry.

Specific Uses of Biotechnology

Biotechnology plays a bigger role than most people realize. For example, alcohol—specifically beer—is made from using biotechnology. Through the use of enzymes and microbes, sugar can be converted to enzymes before fermentation. This is an important step in the production of beer.

Biotechnology is also used as an additional source of fuel. For example, processing certain plants and mixing the oils with bio fuels can create biodiesel. This discovery lessened the production of greenhouse gases and lessened the toll on the environment. Energy consumption was made more efficient and ecofriendly with the use of biotechnology.

Lastly, biotechnology is used for food and drink. Flavors, souring agents, sweeteners, and fragrances are all used by the food industry for better tasting products. And, not surprisingly, these add-ons can be made using biotechnology. Additionally, biorefineries can use certain technologies to make fruits ripen faster.

So the next time that you have an amazing discovery, tell the world about it. If it will benefit the majority, then venture capitalists might just back up your research. Biotechnology plays a huge role in the world as we know it—thanks to venture capitalists.